Animal Tree Marijuana Strain Type, Flavour, Uses, Side effects, price and Reviews

Animal Tree Marijuana strain is a unique hybrid with an earthy, sweet aroma. It has a combination of relaxing effects that make it ideal for enjoying anytime of the day. Well known for its high potency and pungent smell, the Animal Tree Marijuana strain contains high levels of THC that can reach up to 18%. This strain can provide users with euphoric, creative, and uplifting cerebral effects while also providing full-body relaxation and relief from physical pain. The creamy flavor of this marijuana makes it a great choice for enjoyment in many forms as well as medicinally. .Here below you can check for Animal Tree Marijuana Strain Type, Flavour, Uses, Side effects, price and Reviews in 2023.

Animal Tree Strain Stats in Table format

The stats for Cannabis Strains are given below-

Marijuana Strains Animal Tree Marijuana Strain
Type Hybrid
Rating 3.5
Effects habitat loss, deforestation, genetic variation
Flavours Savory, Woody, Potent
Description Animal tree strain is a hybrid strain.
Price The price of the Animal Tree strain in USD currency is not available..
Side Effects Dry mouth, dizziness, hunger

Is Animal Tree Strain a sativa or indica or Hybrid?

A. The animal tree Marijuana Strain is a hybrid strain.

What are the effects of Animal Tree Strain?

A. If you consume Animal Tree Strain then you will feel habitat loss, deforestation, genetic variation

Animal Tree Marijuana Strain information

The detail information of Animal Tree Strain is given below-

• Animal Tree is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain that originated as a cross of Afghan Kush and Mazar I Sharif.

• This flower has medium to high THC levels of up to 24%. Users may enjoy its intense euphoric effects with light tingling sensations.

• Consumers have reported Animal Tree giving them creative mental clarity, uplifting moods and calming physical effects and is thus used to treat depression, stress and pain.

• The buds of this strain are dense, light green in color and frosty, with dark orange hairs. It emits a sweet scent of earthy pine and diesel that comes with a throat tickle upon inhaling it.

• Its significant properties such as potent couch-lock body buzz makes it suitable for later evening usage as it can be sedating after prolonged consumption.

• Some users suggest having the munchies when using the strain which could be beneficial for those who require appetite stimulation or need additional calories for proper health maintenance.

How does Animal Tree Strain flavour taste like?

Animal Tree Strain Taste and Flavour is Given below-

• Animal Tree Marijuana Strain has an earthy, sweet and sour aroma, with a slightly pungent skunky smell of its own.

• It has a deep green color with light brown trichomes.

• The taste of Animal Tree Marijuana Strain is a mix of tangy and sweet flavors. There’s also undertones of subtle earthiness that can be detected.

• Its effects are known to be more sedative than energetic in nature, making it ideal for those looking for relaxation in the evening or before bedtime.

• This strain may cause users to experience dry mouth which can be remedied through proper hydration or using lozenges or chewing gum throughout the duration of the high.

• Animal Tree Marijuana Strain is very potent and will often cause people to feel relaxed and even lazy as they enjoy their mellow high.

What are uses of Animal Tree Strain?

Here are some of the uses of Animal Tree Strain

• Treats Anxiety: Animal Tree marijuana strain is known for its calming effect, which can be effective in treating anxiety. It helps to relax the mind and body, reducing stress and fear.

• Pain Relief: The psychoactive effects of Animal Tree marijuana strain reduce inflammation and pain. Studies have shown that it can help to relieve both chronic and acute pain.

• Apetite Stimulant: Animal Tree strain has an appetite-stimulant effect, making it great for people who are struggling with hunger issues or lack of appetite. It increases caloric intake by stimulating a person’s taste buds and increasing their pleasure from eating food.

• Mood Enhancer & Anti-Depressant: Animal Tree strain is effective in increasing overall mood levels and helping with depression symptoms. It provides an uplifting mental boost, giving users a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

• Muscle Relaxant & Sleep Aid: This marijuana strain is great for those who struggle with insomnia or muscle stiffness, as it helps to relax the muscles and promote sleep.

What are side effects of Animal Tree Strain?

Here are some of the side effect of Animal Tree Strain

– Dryness of the eyes and mouth: Common side effects of marijuana strain can include dryness of the eyes or mouth, which can cause spotty vision and low saliva production.
– Lethargic feeling: Some users also experience a feeling of lethargy or a lack of motivation if they consume too much marijuana.
– Paranoia/Anxiety: For some, consuming too much marijuana may lead to feelings of paranoia, anxiety, and even depression.
– Memory problems: Another side effect associated with marijuana use is short-term memory loss or difficulty concentrating.
– Mood instability: Changes in mood such as increased irritability, outbursts of anger/aggression, and fatigue can also occur when using Animal Tree Marijuana Strain.
– Increase in appetite: As well as increased appetite for unhealthy foods which could potentially lead to weight gain.

What are Animal Tree Strain customer reviews?

What customers are saying about Animal Tree Strain, Check here-

Animal Tree is a strain of marijuana that has grown in popularity over the past years. Customers have had nothing but great things to say about this strain. People praise it for its intense psychoactive effects, while also noting its ability to relax muscles and alleviate pain. Many users report experiencing a pleasant, calming buzz with an uplifted mood. In addition, this strain is noted to provide recreational users with relaxed focus and clarity as well as producingsome inspiring creative juices for artists and musicians alike. Animal Tree has even earned some positive reviews from medical cannabis patients who claim it helps deal with muscle tension and spasms as well as anxiousness and depression. All in all, this strain seems to be a real hit amongst customers for its variety of effects it provides.


Q1: What is the THC content of Animal Tree Marijuana strain?
A1: The THC content for Animal Tree marijuana strain ranges from 13 to 15%.

Q2: What type of high does this strain produce?
A2: Animal Tree marijuana produces a calm and relaxed full-body high.

Q3: Is Animal Tree ideal for novice smokers?
A3: Animal tree is appropriate for novice smokers due to its moderate potency.

Q4: Is Animal Tree good choice for medical users?
A4: Yes, Animal tree is an appropriate choice for medical users since it promotes feelings of relaxation and well-being while still offering mild pain relief.

Q5: Are there any other benefits associated with smoking this strain?
A5: Yes, beyond the traditional benefits associated with consuming marijuana, Animal Tree offers protection against inflammation, stress relief and even overall cognitive function improvement.

Q6 Is there any downside of smoking animal tree ?
A6 Although not common, some people have experienced dizziness or headaches after smoking animal tree marijuana

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