Purple Ice Water Marijuana Strain Type, Flavour, Uses, Side effects, price and Reviews

The Purple Ice Water strain is a rare and unique hybrid variety of cannabis. With sweet and pungent flavours, this particular marijuana strain is sought after by those looking for a creative, warming high that offers relief from pain and stress. Purple Ice Water induces an uplifting effect that can be enjoyed throughout the day before settling into a heavy-bodied relaxation in the evening hours. Enjoyment of this strain comes with more consistency than some other strains as users report consistent effects each time they use it. .Here below you can check for Purple Ice Water Marijuana Strain Type, Flavour, Uses, Side effects, price and Reviews in 2023.

Purple Ice Water Strain Stats in Table format

The stats for Cannabis Strains are given below-

Marijuana Strains Purple Ice Water Marijuana Strain
Type Hybrid
Rating 4
Effects Refreshing, calming, soothing, euphoric
Flavours Grape Frost
Description Euphoric and relaxing hybrid with a hint of sweetness.
Price The price of the Purple Ice Water strain is approximately $10-15 per gram..
Side Effects Dry mouth, dizziness, paranoia

Is Purple Ice Water Strain a sativa or indica or Hybrid?

A. The purple ice water marijuana strain is a hybrid type.

What are the effects of Purple Ice Water Strain?

A. If you consume Purple Ice Water Strain then you will feel Refreshing, calming, soothing, euphoric

Purple Ice Water Marijuana Strain information

The detail information of Purple Ice Water Strain is given below-

Purple Ice Water Marijuana strain is an indica-dominant hybrid with over 18-22% THC. Its aroma has hints of pine, diesel, and sweet earthy notes. Its buds are large and green, while its nugs are covered in frosty bulbs of white trichomes. This strain offers energizing effects that quickly transition into a sense of relaxation clear-headed high which is often complemented by scents and tastes of sweetness on the tongue.

• Relaxing, uplifting effects: Consumers report feeling deeply relaxed and comfortably sedated after smoking Purple Ice Water marijuana. Still, many users note feelings of an uplifting “high” due to the crystal-clear focus it induces allowing for creativity free from mental stress or anxiety.

• Sweet flavor: The flavor profile suited to this strain starts off sweet before mellowing out into a more organic and earthy note. Additionally, feedback suggests that it also smells pungent with some fruity top notes noticeable on the exhale

• High potency level: With THC concentration levels ranging anywhere from 18-22%, Purple Ice Water promises to give users a long lasting experience full of energy needed to get on with one’s day either through creative tasks or just outright enjoying the pleasant benefits it dishes out.

How does Purple Ice Water Strain flavour taste like?

Purple Ice Water Strain Taste and Flavour is Given below-

• Sweet: Purple Ice Water marijuana strain has a distinctly sweet taste that provides power relaxation.
• Fruity: The potent herb’s flavor profile has notes of berry and fruit flavors, combining with the herbal nuances for an overall tropical sensation.
• Earthy: The flavor of this strain is earthy, with a slight nutty undertone that gives it a pleasant complexity.
• Spicy: The spicy aroma and flavor brings an extra layer to the smoking experience, creating a compelling full-body sensation once inhaled.
• Pungent: Purple Ice Water marijuana strain has a pungent aroma that fills your senses with its sharp, skunky notes that linger long after the bud has left your hand.
• Floral: Delicate floral notes hidden in the mix add an extra layer of complexity to this indica dominant hybrid’s already seductive aromas and flavors.

What are uses of Purple Ice Water Strain?

Here are some of the uses of Purple Ice Water Strain

• Purple Ice Water Marijuana Strain is known for helping to manage pain. This strain can help to reduce inflammation, making it a great choice for those suffering from chronic pain issues such as arthritis or back problems.

• It also has a mild sedative effect, which makes it useful for managing stress and anxiety. The effects may vary from person to person depending on their tolerance levels, but many find it helps them to relax and sleep more soundly.

• Many users of this strain report that after consuming Purple Ice Water Marijuana they experience feelings of euphoria, increased creative thinking, and a relaxed state of mind. This can be beneficial for those who are looking for relief from depression or anxiety, as well as those in need of an overall mood enhancer.

• Purple Ice Water Marijuana strain may also provide relief from headaches or migraines. Its analgesic effects can help manage nerve pain, muscle spasms, neuropathy, and other forms of chronic pain more effectively than other varieties of marijuana.

• Finally, the rich purple coloration associated with this strain makes it undeniably attractive when grown in gardens or when used as edibles. Its unique flavor profile makes it a popular choice among those who enjoy vaping or edibles made with marijuana strains.

What are side effects of Purple Ice Water Strain?

Here are some of the side effect of Purple Ice Water Strain

-The Purple Ice Water marijuana strain has some potential side effects. These include dry mouth, dry eyes, increased levels of anxiety, paranoia and dizziness. It can also cause an increase in heart rate, increased appetite and sedation. Additionally, those with a history of mental health issues should use caution with this strain as it may worsen existing conditions. Finally, mixing with alcohol or other drugs can cause negative interactions leading to further adverse reactions. Ultimately, moderation and being mindful of how your body reacts to the strain is key to avoiding any unwanted effects.

What are Purple Ice Water Strain customer reviews?

What customers are saying about Purple Ice Water Strain, Check here-

Purple Ice Water Marijuana Strain is getting rave reviews from customers who have tried it. It has a pungent earthy aroma and mysterious purple hues, making it quite an intriguing strain. Its user report feelings of relaxation and euphoria that set in quickly. Many mentioned the calming, balanced high that Purple Ice Water produces and how relieved they feel after finding relief for anxiety or physical discomfort. Another customer reported feeling focused yet creative, accomplishing tasks more efficiently without feeling anxious or foggy headed.

The flavor profile of this strain was commended by many as being sweet and funky with nutty notes due to its Tangie genetics. Its effects are slowly working their way through the body, providing a party vibe user’s feel with no paranoia or intense head rush. Most customers agree this is the perfect strain if you want to stay active throughout the day without feeling sleepy later on or worrying about being able to sleep at night time. All in all, Purple Ice Water Marijuana Strain is definitely worth trying if you’re looking for a tasty balanced high that won’t overwhelm you.


Q1. What is the Purple Ice Water Marijuana strain?
A1. The Purple Ice Water Marijuana strain is a hybrid marijuana strain, known for its citrus-flavored buds and tingly, cerebral effects that turn into a stoney relaxation when smoked in larger doses. It was created by crossing an Indica dominant Blackberry Kush and a Sativa dominant White Widow.

Q2. What are the effects of Purple Ice Water Marijuana?
A2. This strain has both calming and energizing effects due to its lineage of two strain types. Initially it will give you uplifting feelings with its tingly head high before settling into a more relaxed calmness throughout your body. This makes it popular among both experienced smokers as well as those newer to marijuana.

Q3. Is the Purple Ice Water Marijuana Strain good for treating pain?
A3. Yes, the Purple Ice Water Marijuana Strain is great for treating pain due to its strong Indica influence from Blackberry Kush which can help ease muscular aches and pains or even migraine headaches with just one or two puffs. Its balanced high also allows many users to remain productive while still comfortably medicated throughout their day activities while providing much needed relief from chronic pain conditions .

Q4 Does Purple Ice Water smell sweet or strong?
A4 The smell of this strain is truly unique; it has earthy pine aromas that are complimented by slight sweet notes of citrus and fuel backed up by skunky undertones when broken open, making it overall quite enjoyable to smoke!

Q5 How long does the high from Purple Ice Water last?
A5 The duration on this one will depend largely on how much you decide to smoke in one go but generally speaking expect around 3 hours worth of lasting effects with each puff! It may initially hit you quickly before gradually tapering down into a blissful sedative relaxation as time passes so be sure not to go overboard if you don’t want that couch lock feeling for too long!

Q6 How long does it take for this strain to grow if planted indoors?
A6 Generally speaking, the grow time for this plant indoors is roughly 8-10 weeks before expected harvest depending on your setup and environment – though some people have reported taking a little longer than that due to slower potting-mix absorption rates!

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