Sunshine Og Marijuana Strain Type, Flavour, Uses, Side effects, price and Reviews

Sunshine OG is a marijuana strain that is said to have a sweet, candy-like taste and smell combined with its effects providing an uplifting, energizing experience. This sativa dominant hybrid has short flowering times (55-65 days) and produces just above average yields of dense bud of approximately 400-500g/m2. The THC levels reported vary between 18% – 25%, with lesser amounts of CBD for anti-inflammatory purposes. Sunshine OG helps users medicate with cerebral uplifting effects while its body effects allow for relaxation and pain relief. .Here below you can check for Sunshine Og Marijuana Strain Type, Flavour, Uses, Side effects, price and Reviews in 2023.

Sunshine Og Strain Stats in Table format

The stats for Cannabis Strains are given below-

Marijuana Strains Sunshine Og Marijuana Strain
Type Hybrid
Rating 4
Effects Euphoria, relaxation, happiness, creativity
Flavours citrus, earthy
Description Euphoric and uplifting hybrid strain with citrusy and earthy flavors.
Price The price of Sunshine OG strain is approximately $10-15 per gram..
Side Effects Dry mouth, red eyes

Is Sunshine Og Strain a sativa or indica or Hybrid?

A. The Sunshine OG marijuana strain is a hybrid type, combining the effects of both indica and sativa strains.

What are the effects of Sunshine Og Strain?

A. If you consume Sunshine Og Strain then you will feel Euphoria, relaxation, happiness, creativity

Sunshine Og Marijuana Strain information

The detail information of Sunshine Og Strain is given below-

• Sunshine is a marijuana strain from the China-Lebanon family.

• It has a sweet, earthy and tropical aftertaste with notes of citrus and mango.

• The strain contains 22% THC which makes it quite potent and perfect for experienced users who are looking for a powerful strain.

• The effects of the sunlight create a long-lasting euphoria that uplifts moods and may provide relief to chronic pain sufferers.

• This strain can be used for treating depression, stress, anxiety, and muscle spasms due to its calming properties.

• The physical effects of the Sunshine strain can be relaxing yet energizing in some cases; allowing users to take part in creative endeavors or exercise without feeling too fatigued or lazy.

• Beginners should start off slowly when using this strain because of its high potency level so you can avoid any negative side effects. Also watch out as it may give you dry eyes or mouth if not taken responsibly.

• People have noted that this is a great recreational strain to use during the day as it won’t make you feel too groggy afterwards so you’ll still remain productive throughout your day.

How does Sunshine Og Strain flavour taste like?

Sunshine Og Strain Taste and Flavour is Given below-


• Floral bouquet: an inviting blend of sweet and herbal scents that produce an alluring floral aroma.

• Earthy undertones: a pleasant earthiness that is slightly spicy and herby.

• Citrus notes: a bright, citrus flavor with some tropical undertones, including hints of pineapple.

• Sweetness: A subtle sweetness that adds balance to the other flavors and aromas present in this strain.

• Woody flavor: With notes of sandalwood and cedar, this strain also has a woodsy bite that makes it truly unique.

• Pine tones: Some slight pine flavors give this strain an extra edge as well.

These flavors mix together to create a truly delightful experience for those who sample the Sunshine OG marijuana strain. The combination floral notes, earthiness, citrus notes, sweetness, woody undertones and pine tones make it one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll have when consuming cannabis!

What are uses of Sunshine Og Strain?

Here are some of the uses of Sunshine Og Strain

• Can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression by calming the mind and easing tension.
• Pain relief – it can reduce chronic pain inflammation and discomfort in many people.
• Nausea reduction – this strain is known to be helpful with vomiting and nausea associated with certain medical treatments such as chemotherapy.
• May increase appetite, allowing individuals to maintain healthy body weight.
• Can provide a sense of relaxation, helping those who suffer from insomnia, restlessness or stress-related disorders.
• May provide mental clarity, improving alertness and focus without causing the paranoia typically associated with other strains of marijuana.
• Enhances creativity through increases in dopamine levels, uplifting your spirits while not affecting motor skills or judgment capacity.
• Stimulates positive energy by reducing fatigue, so you’ll no longer feel sluggish after consuming this strain.

What are side effects of Sunshine Og Strain?

Here are some of the side effect of Sunshine Og Strain

1. Dry Mouth: Many users report feeling parched after partaking in the Sunshine marijuana strain. It’s important to remain hydrated as this symptom can be quite uncomfortable if left unattended.

2. Increase In Anxiety: Some users report feeling a bit of an increase in anxiety after enjoying the effects of Sunshine. While this is usually mild, it can be significant in some individuals.

3. Eye Redness: Bloodshot eyes are common among users of the Sunshine marijuana strain, and is largely attributed to its high THC content caping out at 20%.

4. Mild Headache:Another side effect associated with usage of the Sunshine cannabis strain is headache or slight dizziness when TOO much of it is consumed too quickly

What are Sunshine Og Strain customer reviews?

What customers are saying about Sunshine Og Strain, Check here-

Customers who have tried Sunshine OG marijuana strain seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. Many report feeling relaxed and energized at the same time. The effects are said to be calming, medicinal, and soothing. People note that this strain helps them handle chronic pain without too much sedative effect or strong psychoactive feeling. While some feel in a very relaxed state of mind with a tingle of energy after consuming the Sunshine OG marijuana strain, for others it can become quite energizing.

Indeed, reviews point out that customers suffering from stress-related conditions such as anxiety and depression have experienced uplifting vibes after indulging in this strain. Besides promoting feelings of happiness and contentment, Sunshine OG is said to be effective for boosting focus and creativity with its crisp citrus flavors blending tenderly on the inhaled smoke. In addition, those looking for more intense sweeter notes will discover an earthy sweetness when exhaling this particular cannabis delight


Q1: What is SUNSHINE OG?
A1: SUNSHINE OG is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain with citrus and pine aromas, created by crossing the Sour Diesel and OG Kush strains. It provides a full-body relaxation along with a cerebral high that is sure to leave you feeling happy and uplifted.

Q2: What are the effects of SUNSHINE OG?
A2: SUNSHINE OG is known for its powerful effects, providing users with all-over body relaxation that helps relieve stress, aches and pains. The high also provides stimulating mental effects such as focus and creativity.

Q3: Is SUNSHINE OG safe to consume?
A3: Yes, as long as consumed in moderation, SUNSHINE OG is generally considered to be safe. Be sure to check your local laws on marijuana consumption before consuming it.

Q4: Does SUNSHINE OG have medical benefits?
A4: Yes, many users find relief from various conditions using this strain due its powerful relaxing effects as well as its ability to improve concentration and alleviate stress or depression.

Q5: What flavors are associated with SUNSHINE OG?
A5: The flavor profile of this strain is dominated by notes of citflrus fruits blended with earthy pine undertones.

Q6 How can I grow my own supply of SUNSHINE OG?
A6 To grow your own supply of this strain requires patience and dedication but can be done! You will need to purchase seeds online or acquire some from a licensed dispensary near you; then find an appropriate growing area with plenty of light and nutrient-rich soil. After following proper germination techniques and maintenance throughout the flowering process you will eventually produce your own harvest!

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